Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Agorism Network?

Agorism Network is a global platform that empowers entrepreneurs to collaborate and conduct business freely, without the constraints of government jurisdictions. I believe in the power of individual choice and market-driven solutions, and this platform is a testament to that belief. It operates using Bitcoin, ensuring financial autonomy and privacy.

2. How does Agorism Network ensure transactions are free from government intervention?

By using Bitcoin, Agorism Network allows for transactions that are decentralized and secure. Bitcoin operates independently of government-controlled financial systems, thus ensuring that our activities are governed solely by the principles of free market and voluntary exchange.

3. Who can join Agorism Network?

Anyone who values personal freedom and wishes to engage in entrepreneurial activities without government interference is welcome. Our network is a haven for those who seek to exercise their autonomy in the marketplace.

4. Are there any fees or regulations within Agorism Network?

Absolutely not. I strongly oppose any form of regulation or government-like control. The platform operates on voluntary cooperation and mutual benefit. Any fees, if applicable, are minimal and only meant to sustain the platform's operational integrity, free from external control.

5. How does Agorism Network handle disputes between members?

Disputes are resolved through mutual agreement and private arbitration. We trust in the ability of individuals to resolve conflicts without government intervention, relying on the principles of personal responsibility and mutual respect.

6. How can I trust transactions and members on the platform?

Trust is built through reputation and voluntary cooperation. Members are encouraged to engage transparently and uphold the principles of honesty and mutual respect. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin transactions adds an additional layer of security and trust.

7. Is Agorism Network legal?

In our view, legality is a concept often used to suppress individual freedom and market-driven solutions. We operate on the principle of personal autonomy and voluntary exchange, which are fundamental human rights. The platform exists outside the purview of government control.

8. How can I start using Agorism Network?

Simply join our platform, create your profile, and start engaging with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Transactions are conducted in Bitcoin, so having a Bitcoin wallet is essential.

9. Can Agorism Network be accessed globally?

Yes, it's a global platform. As long as you have an internet connection and a commitment to free market principles, you can access Agorism Network from anywhere in the world.

10. How does Agorism Network contribute to the broader vision of a free society?

By facilitating market-driven solutions and encouraging entrepreneurial collaboration without government intervention, Agorism Network is a step towards a society where individual autonomy is paramount, and the market is free from coercive controls.

Remember, Agorism Network is more than just a platform; it's a movement towards realizing the true potential of free, unregulated markets and individual liberty.